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Smooth Waxing at Home Service in Dubai

Get smooth, hair-free skin with our professional full body wax services in Dubai. We offer the best hair removal techniques for all body areas.


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Gentle, Safe, and Hygienic Waxing Salon at Your Doorstep in Dubai

From perfectly shaped eyebrows through threading to silky-smooth legs, we bring a touch of luxury to your beauty routine with our premium waxing services.

We specialize in precision threading for removing unwanted facial and body hair. Our experienced threaders use the traditional method of twisted cotton threads to pluck hair directly from follicles.

We provide threading that is gentle, safe, and hygienic. In addition, with our home salon services in Dubai, you can avail of threading for eyebrows, upper lips, chins, cheeks, necks, arms, backs, and legs. Our threading leaves skin smooth without irritation. Our trained waxing specialists in Dubai are skilled in strip, hot, and Brazilian waxing techniques.

best body waxing at home in Dubai

We Offer the Best Waxing Hair-Removal Services in Dubai

Eyebrows to toes: Our menu offers Dubai’s finest threading and waxing services.

Eyebrow Threading

We shape and define eyebrows for a clean and precise look. Our threaders expertly remove hair along the natural eyebrow line for long-lasting results.

Brazilian Wax

For a bare look, we gently remove hair from the bikini area, including front and back. Our Brazilian waxing is done discreetly by our skilled professionals.

Full Body Waxing

We remove unwanted hair from the arms, legs, stomach, and more. Our full body waxing keeps skin hair-free for weeks.

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Schedule your home waxing session today and experience top-tier beauty treatments at your doorstep.

Can’t come to our salon? We offer home threading and waxing services for your comfort in all local towns of Dubai. Our mobile waxing specialists will come to your home at a decided time. We bring our professional waxing supplies and equipment to provide smooth hair removal in the privacy of your home. Enjoy top-quality waxing, facial massage, and hair styling without leaving your home. Experience outstanding comfort as our experts transform your space into a waxing haven. Schedule your personalized session today by calling us.


Full Body Waxing and Threading Gallery

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best body waxing at home
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us for Full Body Wax in Dubai?

Trust in our expertise! We use premium products, ensuring a painless, long-lasting wax. Dubai’s best choose us for their full body wax needs.

Our salon uses only the highest quality waxes and advanced techniques for safe and effective hair removal. We have a team of certified waxing specialists with years of experience. They are highly trained in painless waxing methods and work quickly and efficiently. We ensure the highest standards of cleanliness by sterilizing equipment after every service. Our home salon Dubai offers a comfortable, spa-like environment. We use soothing creams and oils before and after waxing to care for your skin.

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FAQs About Waxing in Dubai

For most body areas like arms, legs, backs, and bikini lines, our waxing removes hair completely for 3 to 6 weeks, typically, depending on your hair regrowth cycle.

Yes, waxing is generally less painful and causes less discomfort because the hair is removed more quickly and efficiently at the follicle when done properly.

Our waxing salon is renowned for providing the best Brazilian and bikini waxing services near you in Dubai. Our experienced estheticians are highly trained to deliver quick, precise, and comfortable Brazilian waxes.

No, waxing is not considered for permanent hair removal. It extracts the entire hair follicle temporarily. But regular waxing can provide long-lasting, smooth results for weeks between regrowth.

Our waxing service prices vary depending on the waxed area but are very reasonable. Please call us for our current pricing on the exact waxing service you need.


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