What Kind of Mascara to Use on Eyelash Extensions? 5 Exclusive Types

Getting eyelash extensions does not mean you will not apply any mascara on them. If you want to highlight your eyelash extensions and make them more manageable, then you must use high-quality mascara on them. Here, the question will pop up in your mind: What kind of mascara do you use on eyelash extensions? 

Mascara to Use on Eyelash Extensions

If you are looking for the answer to the same question, this blog is for you. Here, we have compiled five different types of mascara that you can use on your lash extension without damaging it. So, let’s get started:

5 Types of Mascara to Use On Eyelash Extension 

We have compiled these mascaras after thoroughly researching and consulting with an eyelash extension specialist. Here is a brief description of each type: 

  • Water Based Mascara 

water based mascara

The water-based mascara is gentle and contains no toxic ingredients. These mascaras are suitable for use over lash extensions and with contact lenses. Use them if you have sensitive eyes because their ingredients will not react with your eyes. 

Besides all that, these mascaras will dry easily in no time. Additionally, you do not need much effort to remove them from the lash extensions. The most trendy mascaras these days are Essence Lash Princess, Bestidy Twinkle Starlight Long Curl Mascara, and Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara.

  • Oil Free Mascara 

oil free mascara

Applying oil-based mascara on the eyelash extension will badly affect it. So, experts always recommend using oil-free mascara over them. The oil-based mascara is challenging to apply and takes longer to dry. Additionally, these mascaras will provide root-to-tip lift without applying several layers.

Besides all that, they define your eyes more precisely. The widely used oil-free mascaras are Perricone MD, Grande Mascara, Essence Smudge-Proof Volumizing Mascara, and KC Republic water-soluble mascara.

  • Tubing Mascara

tubing mascara

The tubing mascara is gentle on shedding lashes and eyelash extensions. The good thing about these mascaras is that they are non-clumping. Moreover, they are allergy-tested and suitable for sensitive eyes. Additionally, they will lift up the extension precisely. 

The best thing about these mascaras is that they do not get globby. Additionally, it will not form any stains. Besides all that, they are sweat-resistant and smear-proof. 

  • Extension-Safe Mascara 

extension safe mascara

Another safe type of mascara that can be used on eyelash extensions is extension-safe mascara. These mascaras are specially formulated to complement and enhance the beauty and life of extensions. The primary purpose of these mascaras is to provide a definition and volume to the extension without affecting the adhesive bond. 

The thing that makes them perfect for lash extension is that they are smudge-proof and lightweight. Besides all that, they are super easy to clean and do not require much effort. 

  •  Hypoallergenic Mascara

hypoallergenic mascara

The hypoallergenic mascara is generally ophthalmologist tested. So, it is guaranteed that you will not face any irritation in the eyes or even on the surrounding skin. These splendid mascaras will precisely define and separate your lashes without combining them. 

The most trendy Hypoallergenic mascaras are CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara, Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Lash Magnifying Mascara, and Almay Length & Lift Mascara. 

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What Is The Correct Way To Use Mascara After Eyelash Extension? 

The process of applying mascara to the eyelash extension is a bit different from natural lashes. It will require extra care during the application because the extension is bonded to the natural lashes. If the mascara is applied in the wrong way, then the extension may be damaged or fall off before time. 

  • Prepare The Lashes 

The very first is to wash your lashes and lash extensions carefully and dry them thoroughly. Now, use a soft eyelash brush to comb them gently. 

  • Apply A Coat Of Mascara 

After combing the lashes thoroughly, apply a thin coat of mascara over it. The bristle of the brush should be soft. Start applying mascara from the middle of the lashes. We recommend you not use more than one layer of mascara over the extensions. 

  • Don’t Apply On The Roots 

Never apply mascara over the roots of the lashes and lash extensions. The reason is that mascara may damage the glue of the extension. Additionally, make sure to apply mascara softly. 

Can I  Wear Mascara With Eyelash Extensions? 

There is nothing risky about wearing mascara with eyelash extensions. Avoid using mascara immediately after the lash extension. Never use waterproof mascara over the extension. The reason is it is challenging to remove.  So, you can use the mascara mentioned above on your lashes without affecting them.

Final Words

We hope you got the answer to this question: What kind of mascara to use on eyelash extensions for the perfect look? After reading the blog. Additionally, you must follow the precautions that you will get from the experts during the treatments. Before purchasing any mascara after lash extension, ensure that it does not contain Lanolin, Sesame oil, Beeswax, Castor oil, Paraffin, Eucalyptus oil, or any type of oily materials.
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