menicure home service in Dubai

Get Manicure and Pedicure Home Service in Dubai

Avail our best manicure and pedicure services in Dubai without leaving your home. Our treatment will beautify your hands and feet instantly.



Affordable Manicure and Pedicure at Home

Get a salon experience in your living room with our home manicure and pedicure services in Dubai.

From shaping and buffing nails to massaging hands and feet, our team members provide customized manicure and pedicure treatments for your needs.

We use premium polishes, scrubs, masks, paraffin waxes, and more for the ultimate pampering at low prices. Our manicure services focus on cleaning and beautifying your nails and hands.

get pedicure home service in Dubai

Premium Nail Care Solutions in Dubai


We offer various manicure and pedicure services, from natural nails to special effects.

Gel Manicure

Applying LED gel polish instead of conventional lacquer lets us give you chip-free nails for 14+ days.

Regular Pedicure

We give your feet tender, loving care by trimming, filing, tending cuticles, and applying a refreshing polish.

French Nails

Our team applies a white tip to your nails and a pink base lacquer to achieve an elegant look.


Why Choose Us for Manicure and Pedicure?

We pay attention to every detail so you can relax and enjoy self-care.

We offer customized services to meet your needs, use gentle techniques, and provide a peaceful ambiance so you can fully unwind. Our convenient at-home visits allow you to schedule treatments that fit your lifestyle.

We go above and beyond to give you a relaxing, rejuvenating manicure and pedicure experience.


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pedicure home service in Dubai
menicure home service in Dubai
manicure service in Dubai
best pedicure home service in Dubai
menicure pedicure in dubai



Safety & Hygiene First

Before anything else, we make sure that everything is clean and safe.

Every tool we use, from nail clippers to foot baths, is thoroughly sanitized. We also make sure our stations are spotless and ready for each customer. Our team wears gloves and masks to ensure your health is never at risk. When you book our home service salon Dubai, you can relax knowing we’ve taken every precaution for your safety and comfort. Safety and cleanliness are always first on our list!

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Feedback From Our Clients


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FAQs about Our Manicure and Pedicure Services

Our professional manicure and pedicure home service provides pampering care right in the comfort of your home if you live in Dubai. We serve clients across all neighborhoods and communities throughout Dubai.

Yes, we provide home pedicures in Dubai, specifically for our male clients’ needs. Our technicians are experienced in working with men’s feet to trim and shape the nails neatly, groom any cuticles, remove calluses, and buff away roughness or discoloration.

We offer several advantages over a salon as an at-home manicure and pedicure service. You can book appointments for times that fit your schedule rather than relying on a salon’s hours. We can provide more personalized care and focus solely on you in the comfort of your home rather than the bustling, noisy environment of a salon.

Yes, we are pleased to offer professional gel manicure services using Shellac gel polish for flawless, chip-resistant nails that last. We’ll shape and groom your nails before applying the Shellac. The application process is quick and easy, with no drying time needed.

Our classic basic manicure is designed to groom nails and hydrate hands, making them look polished and outstanding. The result is beautifully shaped nails with neat cuticles and hydrated hands polished to perfection. This classic manicure provides excellent grooming and care for natural nails. Add-on services like paraffin treatment or gel polish are also available.

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