How to Choose Eyelash Extension Styles

Many women want long, luscious lashes that frame the eyes and brighten the face. Mascara enhances natural lashes, but eyelash extensions remain longer. Choosing the perfect eyelash extension style for your natural lashes and the desired look might be overwhelming with so many options. Now, we will explain the main eyelash extension styles so you can know how to choose eyelash extension styles that look trendy.

The Basics of Eyelash Extension Application

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic lashes applied on top of your natural lashes, typically lasting four to eight weeks with touch-up appointments. They are attached using medical-grade adhesive, and one extension is usually applied on each existing lash. An experienced and reputable technician will help determine the appropriate extension size, curl, and design for your lashes. 

The extensions should not damage your natural lashes when properly applied and removed. Being aware of the available styles and communicating your desired look will enable your tech to enhance your eyes best.

Things to Consider While Choosing Eyelash Extension Styles


From subtle and natural-looking to bold and glamorous, eyelash extensions range dramatically in length. Shorter 8 to 12 mm lengths add thickness and definition for daytime wear. Medium 12 to 15 mm lengths work well for many clients, natural with a hint of drama. Long 15+ mm lengths make a bold statement for the evening, photo shoots, and special events. Consider your lifestyle and usual makeup when deciding—do you want lush lashes 24/7 or a more versatile style?


Extensions are available in five different curls, described by letters: J, B, C, L, and U. J and B curls are the straightest, great for that wide-eyed look. C curl is the most popular, a balance between straight and curly. L curl is quite curly but still natural-looking. U curl is very tightly curled for serious drama. Your technician may blend a couple of different curls for added dimension.


Standard thickness extensions suit most clients’ goals. But for a more amped-up look, request added volume or hybrid sets, which mix lengths and thicknesses for extra fullness. Talk to your stylist about what’s realistic for your natural lashes—wearing overly heavy extensions can potentially damage them over time.

Use Lashes According to The Shape of Your Eyes

When evaluating “how to choose eyelash extension styles”, consider your eye shape too. Discuss these considerations with an experienced lash artist, as blending lengths and curls helps create the most flattering frame. 

1. Round Eyes

For round eyes, curled and flared extensions help create the illusion of length. Go for C-L curls, 12-15mm in length, with moderate flare and thickness.

2. Almond Eyes

Almond eyes suit medium to long extensions (12-17mm) with added curl and volume. Mix curls C+L, including flare on the ends to extend the eye shape attractively.

3. Hooded Eyes

Open up hooded eyes with curlier extensions like a J-curl or L-curl paired with flared ends to lift and elongate the lash line. Shorter 10-12 mm lengths prevent heaviness. Add thickness for definition.

4. Deep-set Eyes

Play up deep-set eyes with medium to long, curled extensions (C-L) 12-15mm for a bright-eyed opening effect. Add thickness and flare for wide-eyed drama.

5. Prominent Eyes

Prominent eyes suit longer extensions (15-17mm) to balance prominence, with a softer B-C curl to widen and soften the shape. Use subtle flare on ends only.

6. Downturned Eyes

Create an uplift effect on downturned eyes with 12-15mm extensions curled tighter (C curl) and strategic flare placement, lifting the outer corners up and out.

Explore Popular Eyelash options

Natural Sets

Natural Sets

As the name implies, natural sets aim for enhanced but understated beauty, with lengths ranging from 8 to 12 mm. They lend a fuss-free polished appearance, great for regular wear, including at the gym and beach. Natural sets use thinner diameter lashes as well in order to appear seamless with your real lashes. They come in straight or softly curled styles. 

While less dramatic than other extension looks, they still make eyes pop by adding the appearance of fuller, darker lashes minus the daily use of mascara or the effort of lash strips. You can request natural sets with a hint of flare on the ends or outer corners for a hint of flirtation. Keep in mind occasional touch-ups may be necessary as the shorter lengths don’t always last the full typical extension period.

Volume Sets

volume sets of lashes

Not to be confused with length, volume sets focus on seriously boosting the thickness and density of lashes. They achieve a lush, almost bushy appearance but don’t necessarily hang much lower than natural lashes. Volume sets utilize thinner, lighter extensions, sometimes alternating between lengths to stack closely together for that wow factor look. 

They often incorporate some flare for added drama. Volume sets deliver richness and amplify eyes without significant length. Great for making eyes mesmerizingly bold and beautiful for occasions like weddings, photoshoots, and big events.

Hybrid Sets

hybrid lashes

Hybrid lash extension sets combine lengths, thicknesses, and curls all in one eye set. It calls for advanced skill in blending various types of extensions to create a perfectly shaped, lush fringe. Lengths in a hybrid set often range from 10 to 17 mm, tailored artistically and strategically to each unique eye. Hybrid sets also frequently use both flared and non-flared lashes. 

They balance added volume and curve with the strategically placed length for statement elongation. Customization makes them truly complement all eye shapes. While application requires expertise and artistry, the effect helps the eyes stand out gorgeously.

Glamorous Sets

glamour lashes

Do you love the bombshell appeal of old Hollywood silver screen sirens and their batting bold lashes? Then ultra-glamorous extensions may be calling your name. These lush sets pull out all the stops with dramatic length—15 mm and way up. They maximize curl and flare, too, for seriously eye-catching, envy-inducing batting power with every wink.

The extending scale makes gorgeous sets diva. However, their selection and arrangement require an expert to avoid that overdone, phony effect. Instead, careful length and thickness blending make bedroom eyes enticing. As no natural lash can match them, they frame and highlight the eyes. Glam sets are high-maintenance and not ideal for daily use, but they add instant glamor and seduction for Hollywood bombshells.


After learning how to choose eyelash extension styles, including eye types, thickness, and tapered and blended extensions, you can choose a style to enhance your face beauty. Discuss your daily routine, preferred cosmetic look, and lash difficulties before choosing a style. Your esthetician should know eye shapes, client lifestyles, and preferences to customize the ideal set to make you feel confident and gorgeous! Spending time choosing lash extensions that subtly enhance your natural beauty will make your fluttering showstoppers the talk of the town.